The Story Of A Girl..

There's a band I've been listning to some songs by, and it's called Saving Jane. I found a connection between two of the songs, and wanted to share. The first one is the first song I heard by them, the second one is the one I like the most as of right now. Enjoy (:

So there was this girl...And she did not have a lot of confidence in herself. She was young and afraid, and never thought she was good enough. And there was onegirl she always looked at as the perfect one, the one she wanted to be.Here isthe girl'sstory young:

Time passed by and the girl grew up.She became more confident, and realized her previous role model wasn't really all that great after all. She got more faith in herself, she grew up and became the person she wanted to be, she didn't bendor anyone,and wanted to help other girls like herself see that they are not worse or worth less than anybody else. Here is her story now, years down the road:

(in the version of this song that I have on my iPod, at the end f the song right when the music ends, she says "err, no thanks, I can loosen up my own buttons!")

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a teenager with thoughts

a teenager with thoughts

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