Aftermath Of America

Right now I'm really just lying here waiting for the others to go to bed and hopefully fall asleep (not that I would have a problem sneaking past a couple of bedroom doors quietly) so that I can go downstairs and grab something to eat or drink or something. Ever Since I came home from the US I've had this craving for something sweet. My parents don't know and hopefully they won't either because they would make a big deal of it, which it's not. My friend who went on a one-month exchange last july said the same when I talked to her last, because she was always craving chocolate when she came home, and said it's because Americans put sugar even in their milk! I can't say I noticed that while I was there, but knowing that country by now it's very well possible. Anyways, so now I'm just waiting..And waiting..And waiting..Hehe.

♥The Norwegian Teenager

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a teenager with thoughts

a teenager with thoughts

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