Midnight Snacks And Bras

Lol so I found some cookies and something to drink in the kitchen. It's my midnight snack at 1 in the morning lol.

Furthermore, I wanted to talk about this invention that exists.....It's called a bra.

First of all: It's obvious that it was invented by a man, because he wouldn't have to wear it.

Two: Women don't want to wear them because they are uncomfortabe, and men don't want women to wear them for..obvious reasons.

And C: Then why do any female wear them in the first place?

I'm going t bed soon - I will try, that is, to sleep a few hours before somebody decides to start a motor saw outside my window or knock down a wall or something. Goodnightey, I'll blog more tomorrow! ^^,

♥The Norwegian Teenager

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a teenager with thoughts

a teenager with thoughts

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