I Talk To Myself On My Facebook Wall, I'm Awesome..

Ok I just had to post this before I end for the day..And it's mostly just copying from my Facebook wall anyways..Each "paragraph" if I can call it that is one comment, except from the first one which is my status (I was commenting on my own status without being talked to; just making it clear in case someone reading this is totally clueless and needed to be fed it with a tea spoon..)


seen on a myyearbook status: "First things first, I'm better than you. I'm awesome. That's life. Try and get on my level, I love watching you fail".

my comment: "first things first: no you're not dude don't lie! lol ;b"

the reply i got: "That song is amazing. I ♥ it quite a bit. I was hoping someone would eventually say that to me. You win best statement yet award. Congratulations!"


i LOLd

haha xD

and now i talk to myself on my facebook wall, im awesome..x'D
i told the guy with this status that my ood friend sebastian has at-shirt that say "i'm awesome" and how when someone reads it out loud he says "no you're not dude don't lie!" xD and the response i got was: "Hahahaha, wow. That's awesome. I wish I had a shirt that said that. That'd be hilarious. Now I'm jealous. :[ "
hahahhha x'D isnt that another one of out sayings, sebastian? :p


(these are all by me, the next one is a friend of mine, then it's me again)

whyy are you talking to yourself on fb?

im hyper and overtired and havent slept well the past 20 nights which puts me to before i left the US and its a song where he sings "i talk to myself on my facebook wall, i'm awesome" and im also trying to get a certain someones attention but that person seems to not be looking at my profile lol or maybe is just not online cuz of the vacation in france..:D


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