I Am Language-Less

I discovered that I can't speak any languages anymore.

My German sucks because I didn't do anything about it the past year.

My Norwegian is not yet back on track after I barely spoke it for a year since I was in the USA.

My English is fading now that I'm back in Norway again, and I have to think to get everything right again.

And I keep mixing all three of them and making up my own lanugage, NorwEngMan!! LMAO XD

This is just great!!

I'll add a picture for you that fits:

And then a song to match it. Now what should I choose this time.......Oh hey check this one out, the guy is Norwegian, he was on Norwegian Idol and did get quite far. His voice is wonderful, and I love this song (:

♥The Norwegian Teenager

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a teenager with thoughts

a teenager with thoughts

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