It's amazing what dreams can do to your day. Sometimes, when you have a happy dream, it can brighten your day and you look at everything with more positive eyes than you normally do, and everything just feels great. But then sometimes, when you've had a bad dream, it paints a shade of gray over your entire day (that's actually a great line for a poem, I should remember that, haha)...Well, today has been one of the latter ones for me, sadly.

Last night, I had a nightmare about a person that I am not related to, but that I care a great deal about. Of course, because I never have nightmares that include anyone I don't love, that's only for random dreams. Well, my dream also included a person that my person used to care a lot about, and possibly still do, how should I know, because I don't know this person. And what my person did to this person was against everything I've ever imagined, based on what my person told me about this other person earlier. It was....reversed, so to say. I could possibly imagine my person's person doing this to my person, not vice versa which was what happened in my dream. Then the other person, the one that I don't know, turned to me and asked what I was staring at, and I couldn't answer because I couldn't believe what I just saw.

This probably is very confusing to read. Anyways, it's been eating on me all day, and I just had to get it out before I explode. I went for a walk to try to get things out of my head, but it didn't help much. Maybe I just need to go and sit down on the roof again for a while. It's helped a little before. Besides, it's almost dark now so no one will really see me on there, I really don't feel like being stared at, but that's pretty much inevitable in this small town...

Here are a couple of songs for you guys...

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a teenager with thoughts

a teenager with thoughts

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