Please Don't Let Me Go, I Desperately Need You..

Again, I feel like ages pass by between my blog entries. Again not too much to write about...

First thing I want to say is about my mom. The other day, she told me she was proud of me. It meant the world to me. She said that because I have gotten over being sad when people are mad at me; there's a guy that I've known since 4th grade who has always been kind of a bully and I never liked him and I used to complain about him in elementary school (which I didn't remember till my mom told me), and a few days ago he was threatening me on Facebook, but I stood up to him and put something on my status about how stupid it was and that if he had something to say, he can say it to my face or shut up, and that he can't offend me; by all means try but it's not going to work! I was talking to my mom about this, and she told me how proud she is that I don't let them get to me anymore, and it just made me so happy!

There is one thing I wish was different about my mom though. Sometimes it's like we don't talk at all. I want a better relationship with my mom. I want to feel safe to tell her about my crush, or what actually happened in a certain situation, I want her to be interested and ask about my friends more than she already does, I want her to ask me about the boy I like, to get to know me better! I don't even know my mom's favorite color. And after spending a year away, things are a bit tense sometimes. She doesn't even remember things that I eat, whether or not I like this or that kind of fruit or cereal, what to eat for dinner! And it's so sad, because I need her to be with me, and I need her to love me for me and not the daugher she wants to see. Because I love her.

Next....Well there's a certain person I wish to see more of in my life. Although that's kind of har since this person is like 1500 miles away from me. And that sucks. We had kind of like a fight the other day. Not really a fight but a disagreement. And I just don't want this person to push me away, because I don't feel whole if I don't talk to this person during my day, and I wish that I could just be there with this person, actually be able to hug this person instead of just typing it on Facebook or in a text message. Gosh I hate distance. Someone needs to hurry and invent the teleporter!!

So this song I am dedicating to my mom and this person. I hope they know who they are if they read it. And I am aware of the typoes in this video, but I like the font (haha) and the background, so I'm posting this one.

♥The Norwegian Teenager

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a teenager with thoughts

a teenager with thoughts

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