I Have A Theory - A Theory On Love

Lately - and I don't consider it weird to think about this because I am a teenage girl - I have been thinking a lot about love. True love. Meant-to-be love. The kind of love that you don't really hear about so much nowadays. The burning, ever-lasting love that only a few lucky people find and mostly they are fictional characters. Is there such a thing?

Combine this with the movie Bride Wars where one of the last lines is "and sometimes, the person who will always be there is the person that has been there all along" or something along those lines - indicating the great friendship between the two women Liv and Emma.

So to my theory;

I think it is possible that the love of ones life is not always the person you are meant to marry or have an all-levels relationship with. I think it's possible that your soul mate may just as well be your best friend. Sometimes, if you're lucky, you meet that one person that always understands you, even when you have troubles understanding yourself, that one person that you know you can be one hundred percent yourself with, the one person that you can trust with anything, that person that will always be there for you and want to be with you and help you even when they can't and there's nothing they can do, and you feel the exact same things about this person, you feel like you can be whatever this person needs you to be, whether it'd be a best friend, a psychologist, teacher, lover, guardian, anything at all.

Is it so hard to believe that one's ultimate soulmate is not the person you live with, marry, have kids with, die with?

I know that it's possible to love people in different ways. I have no problems at all imagining myself happily married to somebody, have a family with that somebody, and have a friend who will always be a big part of my life because that friend's soul and my soul are twins. Of course, there is always going to be certain things that even your husband or wife isn't going to understand.Imagine somebody else that always would?

Maybe I'm just dreaming now. But I really think that this could happen, to somebody, somewhere, at some point.

♥ The Norwegian Teenager

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a teenager with thoughts

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