Lady Gaga Lyrics In A Letter

when life gives you a BAD ROMANCE, show em your POKER FACE, tell him "YOU AND I" and "NO WAY" (in the same sentence), drop that MONSTER of a PAPER GANGSTA, get out that MONEY HONEY, go buy a new TELEPHONE, call SUMMER BOY aka ALEJANDRO, that BEAUTIFUL, DIRTY, RICH dude (there's nothing wrong with a little bit of VANITY, take him with you to DISCO HEAVEN where you JUST DANCE with them BOYS BOYS BOYS with the beautiful BROWN EYES; just DANCE IN THE DARK,rub that GLITTER AND GREASE around like that RETRO DANCE FREAK you are, i promise you they'll be STARSTRUCK before you leave town with the ROCK SHOW, and the next thing they know you'll be LIVING ON THE RADIO (yes, i am an OPTIMIST), creating FASHION (AGAIN AGAIN), showing them your TEETH and leaving them all SPEECHLESS, because honey, you're the GREATEST, you're WONDERFUL, and when the dude comes back theSECOND TIME AROUND you tell him in your sarcastic voice "THEN YOU'D LOVE ME" and just walk away, 'cause baby you THE FAME even though you LIKE IT ROUGH sometimes. And you know what? EH EH, THERE'S NOTHING ELSE I CAN SAY because you were BORN THIS WAY!

♥The Norwegian Teenager

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a teenager with thoughts

a teenager with thoughts

19, rland

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