There's Gotta Be Somebody For Me Like That Out There..

Okay, so let's talk about love. Or lack of such. Or something along those lines.

I haven't had the most.....adventurous love life, or the most boyfriends. And when I think back about some I honestly do not see why I was with them in the first place, and I keep wondering if I was drunk the whole time. But that's not abnormal, is it?

Only once have I kissed a boy that, when I kissed him, there were sparks and butterflies and time stopped and my head was spinning and all of that. I'd known him for approximately one week by that time, and we've never seen each other since then. That's more than a year ago. Sure, I've liked other guys, but I've only experienced this kind of kiss once, with this one person.

Lady Gaga was on BBC some time ago where she was interviewed by Jonathan Ross, and when he asked her if there's currently a Lord Gaga, she had this reply:

"I'm sort of single and alone, but I'm not miserable - not yet; I'm sure it's coming, really."

Would it sound totally cheesy and dramatic over-emitional-teenager-ish if I quoted her on that?

I love my friends to death, I really do, but sometimes I still feel alone...

I'm not in love with anybody right now. I might have a few crushes here and there, some boys I think about more than others, some I try to see myself with, but it's nothing serious anywhere at the moment. I'm ok with being single. I can flirt with guys without worries, I can go out and have fun and dance and all that, but I still sometimes wish there was somebody there that's more than just a friend to me. I'm not desperate or anything, and I wouldn't just take the first guy that came along, I'm not that kinda girl, but you know what I mean, right? I'm not that abnormal...right?

So this was a slightly emotional post by me. Enjoy this song by Nickelback that I've picked out for today. Or tonight, or whatever time of day it is...

♥The Norwegian Teenager

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a teenager with thoughts

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