The Best Fairytale In History!

So, just for fun, my friend and I were writing a fairytale about us meeting Lady Gaga in Oslo in a little less than two weeks! We were writing a sentence or so each, and here is what we ended up with!

"once upon a time, four friends were set free in Oslo city..."

"and since the poor lady gaga didn't know anybody and had no friends (according to herself on bbc), they let her hang with them..."

‎"the four friends became Gaga's very best friends, and got VIP tickets for all her shows. Gaga also bought them a lot of new clothes and shoes and accesorize..."

‎"and when at last they had to go their separate ways, it was a teary farewell. they promised to stay in touch, and are still best friends to this day..."

"and they all lived happily ever after!"

‎"...with frequent visits to each other, shopping sprees and dinner at fancy restaurants and vacations all over the world, all because four friends that were set free in oslo city dared making friends with a friendless superstar!"

(btw, it looked much longer as facebook status comments......)

So yeah, this was just a short funny (?) update from a bored teenager at school that's not doing what she should. Peace out!

♥ The Norwegian Teenager

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a teenager with thoughts

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