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Lady Gaga is right around the corner - in one freaking week!!!! So today I got together with my friends here that are going with me. We're SO excited!!!

One of my friends has thought about getting a tattoo, and I've been thinking for a long time too..I don't know that I want to get one this upcoming weekend, but I know for sure I want a tattoo at some point in time. I don't want one just to have one, but I want something that will mean something to me. Here are a couple of designs that came up when I googled my birth flowers - aster and morning glory:

I also love roses, always have, and I used to say that if I ever have a garden, I will only have roses in it (as a reaction to my mom's and grandmothers' ginormous gardens). Here are some tattoo designs I found on that:

I don't think I can have those tattoos that wrap around the body like a couple of these do, I'm not skinny enough for that, but I still love the designs...

I like the first two on the first "section" of pics here, and the first one on the second "section" the most, but I like them all a lot. Here are some more I like that I found googling:

So yeah. As you see, I'm a very indecisive person. BUT it's ok with my parents that I get a tattoo, as long as I think about what I get and that I'll get old someday and that it's not too big. So I was thinking something on the shoulder, maybe. Back part of my shooulder. I also consider getting a star on my ancle, and a chinese symbol on my wrist. I cannot find the chinese symbol I'm looking for, but I had it as a henna once. It looks like this:

The bottom sqare on the right hand side is supposed to have a - through it..........But vertical or diagonal???? =/ I'd like to have it really tiny on my levt wrist on the side where my thumb is...It means "fearless" by the way, and a chinese girl that was an exchange student like me confirmed it. It's in traditional chinese, too, which is only used in Hong Kong and Taiwan nowadays.

So....Lots of info, lots of info..Time for some opinions from you all!! Hit "kommenter" below and add your name in the first bar and your comment, the rest isn't necessary, but I really really really want opinions now!!

♥The Norwegian Teenager

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22.04.2015 kl.22:22

I love your drawings. I want to get four flowers tattooed on me to represent my family. All of their birth month flower. :) I will have an aster, a rose, a gladiola, and a sweet pea. :)

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