A Few Updates To All Of You Blog Readers Out There......

.......At 1 in the morning and later, because I have nothing better to do and cannot sleep

So I realized I have been just terrible at updating this blog. I was actually writing an entry though, but Imanaged to hit some button or my battery died or something, I don't remember exactly, but either way what I'd written got deleted. I think I need to make a few headlines in this blog, just to make it easier to read since I have just a few things to write about. That way, you can also easier just skip what you don't wanna read. ( :

Lady Gaga <3

This woman is without a doubt the most amazing woman ever, her live voice is beyond describable, no one can ever create a stage show to match what I saw that weekend in Oslo, everything just....I'm speechless. I would do anything to get to see her again. And when I do, I would wait outside her hotel in negative degrees in the earliest hours of the morning to get her autograph! I'm not at home so I don't have my photos here right now, but I'll try to remember to post some when I get home (remind me!). I mostly had an amaaazing time in Oslo, but this show was most definitely the best part. If you don't count seeing a very good friend of mine again for the first time in four months, of course ;-)

I got a job!

At a grocery store named Kiwi! I was told it's a cute name haha. And the funny thing? It has nothing to do with the fruit at all; it's simply the last name of those that started the company! We opened yesterday, before this I've been learning some things at a store in some other town, and yeah... There are a lotta things I don't know, but I'll learn as I go! I worked from 3 pm yesterday and was home around midnight, and today from 4 pm to the same. Tomorrow I'll work from noon till 8 pm. Sunday nothing, thank god. Hopefully I'll go see a movie with some friends, among those an exchange student! She's from Germany and goes to my school, it's so cool ^^, I must appear obsessed with exchange students and anything foreign to everybody else, especially if it has something to do with America, Poland, Brazil, Switzerland, or Germany to do. Please tell me I'm not insane? ;-P

Would y'all STFU about me and my food, already!

I'm sick and tired of everybody talking to me about food. Yes, I do care about calories and watch what I eat, and yes I do want to live a healthy life, but no I don't have eating disorders even though I don't eat as much as often as most people. I am a picky eater, I'm a vegetarian, and I don't eat when I'm not hungry. Why should I? There is nothing wrong with me, several doctors have confirmed it (yes, my dad sent me to seea doctor merely because he was worried about my proteines and vitamines etc etc). Please, just leave me alone when it comes to this. It's a topic I don't specifically care for.

Shuffling Statuses

Anybody tried the Status Shuffle app on Facebook? I'm addicted. I can spend hours just browsing statuses under multiple topics, save them to favorites, and post them on my wall. I'm having a hard time not posting everything on my wall, since I'm getting enough complaints about my posting as it is. The thing is that those that complain, are those that aren't even on a whole lot. Or, I don't know if they are, but they don't update much. Those that update with the same frequency as I do, have no problems with my posting ;-)

A newspaper article I read about Norwegians in relationships...

Today, while working, I read a headline on the front page of a newspaper there. It said to kiss your partner today, and read why on page so and so. Naturally, I turned to that page and started reading. Shocking news, people: only about 50% of Norwegians in relationships kiss or hug their partner every day!!!! How is it possible? Why, when you have a boyfriend or a girlfriend, would you not want to kiss or hug him or her every time you got the chance? I know I do, when I'm with somebody. When I'm just crushing on somebody as well. I have been in relationships where this hasn't been the case though...Two were online relationships (don't judge me, I was a very lonely young teenager.....) where I never met the guy and most likely never will either, one was with a guy that lived kinda far away, we saw each other in school but lived 45-60 min apart (driving), one was with a guy that just like, didn't really treat me well; he never wanted to hang out with me it seemed, and he never took any initiative and I barely saw him except from those few minutes between classes. It's obvious why neither of these worked out, is it not? Almost makes me wanna laugh. LOL.

School....Real quick only ;-)

I had my Norwegian test about last school year's stuff on Wednesday, and today I got the result: Passed++! It's amazing, I almost don't know what to say, but it made me indescribably happy!

Nothing else, just me...........only me.

I've beenfeeling really...sad, lately. I miss America. I miss friend that are scattered all over the world now, that for some reason I was supposed to meet and care about. Halloween is right aroundthe corner, and there will be no pumpkin patch or -carving, no Frankenstein-cup cakes, no ginormous banana jumping into the living room and scaring us right as we finish watching a horror movie, no sleep over with two girls that are like sisters to me...It's all so sad and I don't know how to deal with it. Another thing that worries me is this friend of mine that won't open up to me a whole lot, or drops hints and I'm unable to figure the rest out. It literally just sucks. Or to say it in words I would use on an everyday-basis: not awesome. I'm also confused by some status updates, worried that people misunderstand me in not the right way, and I wish I could just put everything on pause for a while until I have dealt with a lotta things, caught up on sleep and school stuff, and feel ready to face more of the daily crap people throw at me. Life is a bitch and then you die, ain't that what they say?

Artistic creativity with no way out

I have an urge to photograph something, but I don't have the camera thatI want, nor the time, nor do I know what I want to take pictures of. But I know it's not people in action, ugh, I hated that. Then there's all that amazing music I could create coreos to, had I only had time and space enough, neither of which I have or I'd be a bit more fit lol ;-) I do have time to do some writing though. Sometimes, these somewhat poetic lines pop up in my head. Here are some I've (hopefully) remembered from this past week...

The night is young, The music's on, Let's dance away time and space..

Stuck in the moment, Frozen in time, Not living in the past, Nor leaving it behind..

~ Both of these two above could make great lines in a future poem I might write...I couldn't think of more just there and then, so I just rambled it down on a piece of paper (kinda like Bill Kaulitz when writing songs lol, hopefully he didn't lose too many great phrases...)

someday, i'm gonna be famous. then we'll see how many of you that "know" me, how many of you are "friends" with me. then we'll see how many of you that claims i'm only where i am right now due your support and encouragement and us being *x-fingers* in middle school. and you know what? i can't wait for that day to come ...where i can sit and say, "that's bullshit, baby, i was BORN THIS WAY!"

~ This one sounds like it could be a quote, but they're my words. Inspired by Lady Gaga whose new album is called Born This Way and will be out in February, and she said a lot of things with "born this way" in em at the concert, too..

I don't live in the past. I'm simply holding on to my memories, because they don't change when everything else does. They're reminders of what has been, and give hopes of a future equally magnificent. But sometimes I do have to wonder....am I still allowed to have dreams?

~ I don't know what more to say about this one; doesn't it pretty much speak for itself?

I believe it was our destiny to be friends.We're not together now,but the distance is only temporary.The few hours I spend with you are worth the thousands of hours I don?t.When you miss me,look up to the night sky and remember:I?m like a star;you can't always see me,but I?m always here.I don?t care about distance;I ju...st care about you,because distance means so little when someone means so much..♥

~ I posted this on my status on Facebook, wanting my friends from my exchange student year to read it and think it was meant for them. One girl commented: she lives just down the street for me, and is my ex boyfriend's ex girlfriend and the mother of his child, and she asked me, "who??" Hahahhhaha, let's not pretend to be so curious, shall we? I LOLd x'D

Dry your tears, don't cry, Spread your wings, and away you fly, Follow hopes, chase dreams, Over oceans blue, across river streams, Find happiness, leave misery behind, Send me a post card, you're on my mind.

~ I wrote this one just now. If y'all would tell me what you think of this way-too-long blog entry (it's past 2 in the morning now, closing in on 2.30 as I am writing these lines), that'd be awesome (-: So I'mma stop writing now.....Le'mme see if I can find a good song to add on to this at then end!

♥ The Norwegian Teenager

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