Language Barrier Ain't Stopping Me This Time!

Yesterday I found a Japanese band that I really like - and I don't know two words in Japanese, just to have said that...This is a ballad, the lyrics are on in Latin letters with Japanese lyrics, and also in English. That's not the reason I like it though, I realized that the lyrics is not necessarily the most important part of music always. I like the melody in this song. And I think it's a good song because I can sense what the lyrics are through the music! I read the Engslish translation of the lyrics too, of course, and I like them too, even though the translation's a bit odd here and there...Anyways, listen, enjoy, and don't let the language barrier keep you from listening to a song!

(and yes,I have let the language barrier stop me before....with a french song/band...but I'll be less critical in the future ^^,)

♥ The Norwegian Teenager

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a teenager with thoughts

a teenager with thoughts

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