"PEOPLE CHANGE! Get over it."

Lately (these past few hours and all of yesterday) I've been trying real hard to get started on my homework, but it's really hard to do because I keep watching these videos on YouTube by a guy named Chris Crocker. I know he's somewhat unique, but don't judge him by the look of his profile ok! He's really funny, and he has quite a few really good points!! The video I'm gonna share with you today has the same title as this blog entry, and I want to post it because I have met people like the one that he talk about, and they really annoy me, and he's so right in everything he says. Just watch it.

Also, here's a song that he's recorded. Yeah, I know he's not the best singer in the world and that it's remixed andwhatEver, but I like this song. It shows feelings, and he's definitely not afraid to be Everything that he is, and I admire him for that. Peace.

♥ The Norwegian Teenager

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a teenager with thoughts

a teenager with thoughts

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