.....in going to a bar/"club" where the only alcohol I would gete is beer which is naaasty as hell, to listen to hoorrible music and watch wasted people dostupid things - which, mind you, all of the surrounding towns are going to be talking about for God knows how long?!

I'm just trying to understand most of the people in my class, andI am failing terrribly at it.

That's the reason I don't go out in this town. There is no place to go out to. Other than going out for a walk, i mean!!

Just venting.

♥ The Norwegian Teenager


Hanne ✿

05.12.2010 kl.18:43

You could have just responded on the sms, and said you didn't want to, instead of just ignoring us.. ;)

a teenager with thoughts

06.12.2010 kl.09:09

Hanne: sorrrry, i just didn't have my phone there with me - and when i found it the battery had died and then by the time i got it charged and turned on it had been forever and a day since you txted me! this blog entry had nothing to do with any of you, it's just that i went out for a walk and saw people arriving x-zone and i just felt that i needed to express myself, it's nothing personal to anybody (:

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a teenager with thoughts

a teenager with thoughts

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