"Not Racist, Just A Realist"

I'm in media class at school right now, and we were talking about people of foreign background in Norway, and some of the guys were talking about this one thing that went on on Facebook some time ago where everybody reposted this (I've translated it as directly as I can...) as thier status:

"Since 1990, more than 100 Norwegians have been killed by immigrants. That is moremen downthan Company Linge had during World War 2. The police claim they have it under control. In comparison, only ONE immigrant has been killed by a Norwegian since 1945! Holmlia January 27th 2001... Benjamin Hermansen was stabbed to death. Six days later, 40,000 parade against racism. The perpetrators are sentenced to prison for 15 and 16 years. Night to November 1st 1998, Rune Berg is an easy subject to a gang of foreign origin. The man was back in the streets of Oslo before 3 years had passed. No one paraded against racism... And Rune is not alone... Not a racist, just a realist."

But what is not at all mentioned here, is the statistics on how many white Norwegians who have been victims to other white Norwegians!! I say, we need the statistics on this too, in order to get the full picture here! It makes me so mad when I read something like this, where we don't get the full picture due to lack of information!

So, to quote the girl whose blog I copied this "status" from: "Agree/Disagree?"

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a teenager with thoughts

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