A Video And Its Describtion

So this is a random blog entry. Yet another Chris Crocker video - yes, I am as a matter of fact obsessed with this guy, and no, I do not have a problem with it - if you do, then take his advice from the describtion of this video below! (:

"The fact that I am picked on to the point of having to explain myself over a Youtube video is sad to me. The fact that I am also picked on for explaining myself is angering to me.

It is not a matter of WHAT PEOPLE THINK OF ME.

This is a matter of disallowing people to spew shit.

I don't fight hate with hate, but the dumb will be smarted on this page. The ignorant will be taught, and if they talk back- they will look dumb and be corrected AGAIN!

I am a teacher. My job is to enlighten. Your job is to listen when in my classroom. This is my classroom. Don't wanna listen? Fine- Don't attend class!

I did not make this video to make you hee-haw laugh, or because I thought it was a knee-slapper. It was cute. I liked it, my friends liked it. Is that good enough of a reason for you? I do not answer to you. You are my audience. If you do not like what the fuck you see, you turn your flexible head and you find something more appaling to look at.

Youtube isn't my life, so I do not put hours of thought into my videos anymore.

As far as me being drunk in this video; Did I vow to never drink again? No-- Did I say I didn't enjoy drinking? No-- Not to mention, this video was made way before my arrest.

None of which are your business, considering I never said I had a drinking problem. I, for one- found out I was drugged the night of my arrest, and two- shouldn't have been out alone with friends. I am young, I enjoy a drink and a good time. I do not have a drinking problem. You overcritical, obsessed dissectors, however DO have a problem. A very severe one.

Fuck off. Fuck on. Do somethin' with your time that doesn't involve me. Fuck a tree, fuck a billygoat. Better yet- don't fuck anything or anyone but yourself! Peace." ~ Chris Crocker

♥The Norwegian Teenager

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a teenager with thoughts

a teenager with thoughts

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