What the fuck's up with the name calling and criticism on YouTube just because of One simple comment?

What the fuck's up with the name calling and criticism on YouTube just because of One simple comment?

The video is "THE SALAD DEBATE!" by Chris Crockerand yes, it's a freaking debate about salad!!!

Chris says his grandfather put salt on his salad and that it's disgusting. His grandmother says it's not, and that there's no different than him putting dressing on his salad. At the end, he encouraged us all to post our opinion in a comment, which I did!

"salt on salad = sounds DisGusting!! dressing on salad = disgusting - i've tried it - does not taste good."

This morning, I logged onto my mail account at school and had gotten a notification from YouTube about a response to my comment on the video. I'm dying with laughter and finding it completely rediculous to read:

"you probably don't even eat salad you fat ass bitch. go eat some chicken tenders n tots and loads of ketchup. unless you eat salad raw, which is pretty ballsy. but you've never eaten salad without dressing? thats like saying ive never eaten french fries with ketchup. wtf is wrong with you. i mean salt on salad is wierd i guess... but plenty of people i knwo put pepper on salad. it seems like youve never eaten a salad before at all based on what you said here unles you eat it raw"

I'm like, WHAT THE HELL?! x'D

Just felt like sharing this random event in a blog post- even though my friend sitting next to me thinks I've lost my mind or something....

♥ The Norwegian Teenager

One Day Later...
And so the salad debate continues:

Me saying:
"hahaha this was fucking hilarious to read...for your information, i am a vegetarian, i eat salad every day, with no dressing because it's disgusting. there is nothing wrong with me, i just don't like dressing because it's greasy and unhealthy and tastes gross. so yes, i eat it RAW, you got a problem with that; i don't fucking care. each to their opinion"

And whoever was talking to me:
"damn... you got balls."

And so the salad debate ends!

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