Randomness At Its Very Awesomest!

I have temporarily run out of things to blog about. But I don't want to stop blogging. So now I will post some random funny things that I've found.

First One - A Mathematical Issue

Think of a number.
Double it.
Add it with 10.
Half it.
Now subtract it with your original number.
...It's 5.

Mindblowing eyh? ;)

I put this on my status on Facebook.. My dad decided to comment on it:

If you think of a number
and you double it....
and then later on you halve it
then you remove it completely..
some way of letting people know that half a ten is five, don't you think? ;)

LOL of today!! Haha!!

OK, Moving on to the Second - An Ironic Situation

Facebook creator Mark Zuckerberg has been named 'Time Man' of the Year. Ironically, Facebook has been named 'Time Waster' of the Year!

I LOL'd when I saw this on twitter!!

My New Nickname - This would be the Third!

......is a Starbucksitarian because she can remember where all the Starbuckses at the Alderwood Mall are, all the way over here in Norway!

My friend called me that - for the reason you've just read! HAHA!! :D

Fifth - A Pleasant Surprise from my Mom

My mom told me today that for 520,- NOK, at a store downtown, I can get one of those Big Fluffy Pillows that I've wanted since july! Oh Heaven, I am SO getting one of those!

It's so fluffy I'm gonna die...........It's so fluffyyyyyy!!!!!!!!

Last but not least....


♥The Norwegian Teenager

One Comment

a teenager with thoughts

29.12.2010 kl.02:36

and yet, noooooo one seemed to notice the random fact that i totally missed out on 4 xD

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a teenager with thoughts

a teenager with thoughts

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