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I was reading the blog of a friend of mine, and found a link to a web site. First thing I found was an IQ quiz. You can take this quiz here.

Now, before I post my results, let me just tell you this: the last like, 8 questions, were pictures where I had to choose the picture that fit best or differed etc - now, these pictures didn't show, just a square with a red X in it. I don't mean to sound like I believe I'm more intelligent than I am, but if I'd seen these photos, my score might have been slightly different...

I'm too lazy to google statistics and stuff - it's 10.57pm and new years eve, and my dad just served me 20% Peach Liqueur, so you'll have to do that for yourself if you wanna know. Here's my result on the quiz! (:

Your IQ Score is: 106

You have the unusual talent of being equally good at both mathematical and verbal skills. That, paired with your thirst to learn through experience, makes you an Inventive Inquisitor.

Your strength lies in the methodology you have naturally adopted to understand the world. Basically, you have perfected "learning through living." You have a unique ability to teach others by taking them through actual experiences. Your talents come in handy especially when confronted with unfamiliar or unproven situations. Most people search their brains for previously stored information that might help in a given situation. You, however, take things as they come and see things as they are. You are a great improviser and are probably open to an unusual amount of change. Another Inventive Inquisitor who demonstrates this very point was Ben Franklin. He suspected that lightning was a naturally occurring electrical current and realized he was correct once he conducted his famous kite-flying experiment on a stormy night. This is the type of novel approach that keeps your perspective fresh. Chances are, it has also helped you develop an unusually worldly sense of things. You use your inherent wisdom to branch out from what others too quickly assume to be the most "rational" solutions. This talent enables you to approach things creatively instead of following the rigid paths of life.

♥ The Norwegian Teenager

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a teenager with thoughts

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