Sticky With Champagne

Sticky with champagne, it's ok, it'sher birthday New Year's Eve!

Although the champagne tasted better before I inhaled the air in the glass- then I could barely swallow it...

Yes, I admit it, I'm a sucker for these days :b There is something magical about this night. I have yet to experience a New Year's evening without stars. For days, it's been snowing like hell, and the wind's been blowing all over the place - then, when we went outside right before midnight to watch the fireworks, there was barely any wind at all; just enough to blow away the smoke from the fireworks, and we could see the stars in between the fireworks. I love the colors of the fireworks, and how the frequency speeds up the last 30 seconds before midnight. When I was younger, I loved how I got to stay up laaaate - nowadays though, staying up past midnight is rather a bad habit ;) I love the feeling of starting anew, of writing a new date on papers and in my diary (yeah, I keep a diary, have every day since the beginning of 10th grade, and I'm not planning on changing that this year either...). I like the opportunity to begin something new, or something new in a new way.

I don't believe one should wait till a new year begins to make changes, AKA New Year Resolutions, but I do like the idea of starting a new. Although, if in July you realize you want to change something, do something about it, don't wait till next year!!!

So, some of the things I am hoping to accomplish in 2011:
~ Take better advantage of the time given to work at school, so I can feel better rewarding myself with Facebook etc in the afternoons
~ Get my grades up to above average once again
~ Be a better friend to my friends
~ Stop saying "I'm sorry" in that neutral voice - I know I do it, and it annoys even me
~ Be more active (this year, too!)
~ Follow my heart with whatever decision I make

♥ The Norwegian Teenager

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a teenager with thoughts

a teenager with thoughts

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