Confusing, But Oh So True! ( :

I am perfectly imperfect, but that's OK, because it's my imperfections that are going to make me perfect for another perfectly imperfect person, whose imprefections are going to be perfect to me. We'll be perfect together because our imperfections are perfectly compatible ( : the word "perfect" starting to sound weird to you? ^^,

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Vemund Eldegard

01.01.2011 kl.21:04

And why are we writing on English? :)

God blogg ;)
confusing :L

a teenager with thoughts ©

01.01.2011 kl.21:18

Vemund Eldegard: Takk ^^, Jeg skriver på engelsk fordi jeg bodde i USA og vil at alle vennene mine som ikke snakker norsk skal ha muligheten til å lese også! (:

in English* btw ;)


07.12.2011 kl.13:21

Nobody is perfect.i am very imperfect in a weird way.curiosity is the mother of invention so if compatability does not work,we improvise

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a teenager with thoughts ©

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