*Digging Through My Psychology Notes From Last Year To Find Out How This Makes Sense*

Note: If I can't find what I'm looking for....... This is as long as this blog entry is going to get!

... Ok, turned out I can't find my notes from Psychology class! o.O Must be a first, I never throw anything away! But I want to write about this either way, so I goolged some info on it! ;b

Last night/this morning, I had a dream. I'm not gonna say what I was dreaming about, it wouldn't make any sense nor be interesting for you to read, but I had a dream. I thought this was weird when I woke up, because I had only been sleeping three hours. I know for a fact that we only dream during REM-sleep, but I also thought I remembered that we don't go into REM this early. I know (or, more correctly, I've been told) that it is in fact possible to force your body into REM right away, but it usually takes about two weeks to do so. Why would we want to force ourselves directly into REM, you ask? Because REM is the sleep our body and mind needs to function. If you can get there right away when you go to sleep, you don't have to sleep as much, and thus the day will have more hours in it that you can spend on other things.

Interesting fact: People that are sleep deprived, go through steps 1-4 of sleep and reach REM faster than people that are not. → Which explains why, after two weeks, you can enter REM right away when going to sleep.

So I was wrong about the length of the stages. A cycle, stage 1-REM, lasts betweenn 90 and 110 minutes. And because the length of REM increases through the night, I guess I was in the 2nd REM period when I dreamt this, and I remember it so clearly because I woke up in the middle of it - the dream had no ending. It's also possible I entered REM sooner than this, when I haven't exactly been sleeping much during the night these past few nights! ;D

I'm bored of writing about REM now. Let's move on to something more interesting than boring facts, such as, Why do we dream? No one knows for sure. There are many theories on it, by many people.

Someone thought that we dream to work through what our mind has been occupied with during the day and then move on, to deal with information overload, so to say- is this why, when facing a difficult or hard situation or choice, we "sleep on it"?

Someone other than the first someone said that dreams are unconscious wishes based on the day's events. "A dream is a wish your heart makes, when you're fast asleep" - some disney song called A Dream Is A Wish.

I have to say I like the second one better. Ok, now I'm bored again. I'mma write another blog entry now. I only deal with one thing per entry today. LOL. Or maybe I'm just tired.

♥ The Norwegian Teenager

(Pointless blog entry, you say? I agree!)

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