It's time for yet another boring lesson in Norwegian. It's half hour till lunch now, so I probably won't bother to do much until we're back in an hour. I can be so effective sometimes! Wait, let me rewrite that sentence. <sarcasm>I can be so effective sometimes!</sarcasm>. Haha. I watched "The Social Network" in theaters last night, and there's no denying how impressed I am by Mark Zuckerberg! Well, anyone that can do such a thing. Penelope Garcia in "Criminal Minds," for instance, although she's a hacker and not a... What do you call a person that speaks html like a 2nd language? Lisbeth Salander from the "Millennium"-books would be another example. And a couple people I know in real life that can write html and css and whatnot.

Random fact: I've figured that I like boys in shirts with buttons and long sleeves better than boys wearing t-shirts and sweatshirts - especially when the first one or two buttons are open, and the sleeves are rolled up! ^^,

Don't like the guy. Don't like the fabric or color of the shirt. But the picture serves the purpose of showing the kind of shirt.

A truth: It's snowing. I like the snow. It's so pure and clean and quiet.

Theory: I feel hungry at four in the morning because I am normally asleep at this time, which is why I don't notice it. This is so that I'll be hungry for and wanting to eat breakfast in the morning, which is the most important meal of the day.

Thoughts: I like the night better than the day. I feel protected by the darkness. Could it be because I can't see the dangers? Could it be because it's not bright, and I don't have to squint to see?

I was awake till 5am this morning. I was still not tired then, but knowing what just one hour of sleep can do, I decided it would be wise to sleep for an hour. My alarm went off at 6. I can feel it now, mostly because I'm freezing. I know I freeze when I should sleep. Although, I'm always freezing. Does that mean I should always be sleeping?

Piece of advice: I need to listen to music in the morning, or I won't make it through the day. There's a reason I begin and end my days with music. So don't talk to me in the morning. Chances are, that I'll be listening to my music rather than you.'

Newsflash: I'm not addicted to Facebook. I'm addicted to the people that are on there. If they were on MySpace, that's where I'd be. If they were on myYearbook, that's where I'd be. If they were only on msn, that's where I'd spend my days. But they are not. They are on Facebook. Therefore, I am on Facebook.

I am returning to my prior habit of being a grammar freak. With some help. I've found someone else that's as obsessed with writing correctly as I am! *Doing the dance of excitement!*

The title of this blog entry means, in simple words... Wait, i need to put it into a different form for it to be correct: antidisestablishmentarianist. An antidisestablishmentarianist, in simple words, is a person who is agains those people that believe that there should be no state religion in a country. Let's see if I got that right now - I had some problems writing that sentence. Antidisestablishmentarianism was a political position established in the 19th century in Britain, in opposition to the proposals of disestablishmentarianism of the Church of England - meaning to remove the Church's status. Did I get it right? Anyone still following me?

LoL, there is supposed to be a comma between "understands" and "too"!!!

I was gonna write another thing here now, but I can't seem to remember what it was. So I guess I'll TTYL. Now, I will upload some pictures and scatter them all through this blog to break it up a bit and make it... Less boring, I guess.


♥ The (currently very bored) Norwegian Teenager



03.01.2011 kl.12:33

Hoppas att du ftt en bra start p 2011! :)

04.05.2013 kl.08:26

I'm tired

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