It's A... Tuesday?

I did sleep last night. Like, a lot, too. I also slept from 7 to 8 in the evening - and immediately decided to go back to sleep the moment I woke up.

Yesterday, I went to the store with my mom. First I tried to go to the post office, but evidently it wasn't open yesterday. So I guess I'm trying again today, I really want to get this letter, it's from my sister of heart in Brazil!! :-D

We went to the store. It was very crowded, and very green. I guess the entire militaryair base decided to go do their grocery shopping simultaneously. Their green didn't fit with the blue store though. Note to them: go shopping at Kiwi instead of Rema 1000; the store matches their uniforms (and it's also the store where I work, wink wink!)!

After this, prior to the sleeping, I was trying to do a photoshoot - with my brother's Rubiks Cubes as models! Took some pics, but was waiting on him to finish the 5x5x5 one - which he didn't do yesterday, so the pics will come later ;b

But OK. That's yesterday. Yesterday ended last night. Let's move on to the present, shall we? (:

It's uhm... Tuesday? Yeah. Because I'm sleeping on a couch in the library. Well, I almost did, anyways. Then I got a call. I ignored. Call again. Same number. Ignore. Call for the third time. Ignoring! Last call. Dude, what the hell is this? Of course I got curious, and texted the number to 1881 to find out who was calling me while I was trying my hardest to sleep. It's Kiwi. I'll call back later, or something.

Of courseI couldn't fall back asleep, so I went to the cafeteria to get something to eat before lunch starts, so that I wouldn't have to stand in line for forever and a day. That's the good thing about this school: the cafeteria is open from 9 to 3, and we can get what we want when we want it! Well, not the warm food, you can only get that at lunch time, unless on Fridays if you want cold leftover pizza.

On my way I met my teacher, and decided to ask her if it was too late to apply to get tomorrow off to work on the in depth study essay thingy, whatever it's called. She said, "it actually is, I'm not supposed to let your teachers know only one day ahead, but I had to yesterday because so many had already applied... Talk to your teachers, ask them if it's ok, and if it is you can just give me the application and it's ok." Made my day, since I only have two teachers, and I know they'll be ok with - I'm pretty certain anyways. So I guess my friend and I are going teacher-hunting after lunch!

I'm eating a baguette with smoked salmon - yay, for once they had a baguette with something other than ham!!! - and drinking chocolate milk, while trying to remember what I was supposed to write about next.

Dang, people keep walking in and out of this group room allll the time - this is where the library keeps the extra books, and people come and borrow them.

I'll blog more later, if I can remember what I was supposed to write about!!

♥ The Norwegian Teenager

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a teenager with thoughts

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