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This is not a fashion&beauty blog, but I had to share this one lil secret with you, just because I today figured out how effective it is. If you're a boy, don't stop reading because you might find this interresting and useful, too!

Many of you know that chapsticks - not necessarily the ChapStick brand, but other brands as well, so I guess Ishould saylip balms- don't work like they are supposed to. They might moisture your lips right that moment, but once the chapstick has dried they will still be sore or dry and in need of more - you keep putting it on and your lips become addicted and stop producing the natural moisture. This is a huge problem for many of us - my experience is that the ChapStick Moisturizer does work better than many others I've tried though, I'm not meaning to criticize.

So. What I was meaning to say - I'm still easily distracted as ever - bet it's that light form of ADD that we all have that's slightly stronger with me. LOL.

Someone told my mom who told me about this lil trick I've been trying out: Mix olive oil with some sugar until it's a creamy consistence, and put it on your lips. Rub for a bit, as this loosens the dead skin cells that make your lips look dry. Leave it on for some time, and the moisture from the olive oil will be drawn into you skin.

First time I tried this, I washed it off after a bit. It didn't do much right away. Today though, I tried something different. I had been wearing this old lip balm that I found the other day - and after only a few hours, I could both feel and see the damage it'd done. So when I came home today, I put this mixture of ingredients on my lips, only I didn't wash it off at all. I left it there, and the moisture was gone before long. Some of the sugar too, as it seems to be drawn towards my tongue :b

Anyhoo, got dry lips? Give it a try! I wouldn't write about it if it didn't work! ( :

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