A Plan - With Side Tracks, As Always!

Something weird is happening to me. I'm doing pirouettes and dancing instead of walking between the kitchen and the living room. That has not happened in ages. I'm in a weird happy crazy mood, and I have no idea why! I started working out today, decided that it's time I take better care of myself. Fall 2010 was.... Not a good period of time. And that's using a mild term.

It started out with feeling all foreign in my own country, at my own school. It continued with getting the suckiest grades I've had since 8th grade. Furthermore,I wasn't able to get those grades up at all, we'll see how that turned out when I get my report card in the end of January. Then, I got problems with my neck and shoulders. I couldn't do anything without feeling terrible pain. I changed the name of Mondays to Crydays - because Mondays were always the worst. After I got home from school we'd have dinner, and I'd go to bed for a few hours and cry myself to sleep because of the pain. I was being hated by my class for my Facebook spamming, but I can't say I care too much for them either, so I guess we're even. Cannot wait to graduate in June.

Those first two weeks of school, that being through August, were OK. But September-November were bad. December became better though, but I am not sure what happened there. Perhaps not being in pain anymore did more to me than I thought it would, perhaps quitting that job - that I was only at for like, 6 weeks - had stopped worrying me, perhaps deciding not to give a damn about the others had made me stronger.

On Monday, you know, when I hadn't slept at all, my friend told me that how you think of yourself and how you show yourself off, affects how people look at you. Me walking around with my back straight, on heels, with my head held high, wearing the clothes and hair and makeup I want, would make people think that I am a strong person and them criticizing me wouldn't do anything to me. Perhaps she was right. I know for a fact that I feel better about myself now than I ever have.

Getting sidetracked again. Sorry about that. I try not to, but that doesn't appear to work out too well. Back to taking better care of myself. By that, I meant both physically and mentally, which I believe are connected.

I am going to work out more, and I am making my family help me with that. No, this is not some diet/lose weight or whatever-thingy. It's about making my body more exhausted during the day so I can sleep at night and function in the day.

I am going to be better at studying - and I believe my working out is going to help on that, my concentration - and therefore my grades will be better.

I guess those are the main ones, really... By working out today - I did half an hour of biking down in our basement, we have one of those with programs on, which is really good since my self control sucks. Also, my dad made me do sit-ups and push-ups; I hate push-ups! - I have already worked out more on my own time this semester than I did the previous one. Of course,I had PE and Zumba then, but this comes in addition. And really... I get 4 (AFAIK) in Religion this semester - and that's without even trying - so if only I take out my books and do something, I believe I will see the results.

I think that with this, school, and work, it's a good thing I don't have a boyfriend at the moment. I feel sorry enough for my friends already. But I guess... If the right guy decided to be a part of my life, he would understand my busyness - and hopefully, he'd have a lot to do too, so he wouldn't feel unfairly treated - and this would work out great! Even if I wouldn't get to see him all day, if only he sent me a text at night so that I know he's been thinking about me, I would be happy (:

OK, I have an assignment to continue writing. But before that, let's see if I can remember what a moisturizer looks like; I haven't been using one of those in forever........(another point on the taking-better-care-of-myself plan lol)

♥ The Norwegian Teenager

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a teenager with thoughts

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