Just That One Cup Of Coffee!

Last night was a pretty good night - I was sitting on our kitchen counter, drinking tea, and working on my assignment. At like 2, I went to bed. Alarm went off at 8.45. Think it was hard to get up? Yah. Can't wait to move out and end the life of getting up at unhuman times.

Oh, and I also had a nightmare about gas stations. Dj vu-feeling over here, I swear this has happened before! Not this exact dream, but something scary close!

Well, I had my mind set on how my morning would be - shower, get dressed, do my makeup,blowdrymy hair, eat breakfast, work on my assignment if time, go to school. But who am I kidding - I can't do those first four things without caffeine in my system! I swear, sometimes I need a cup of coffee in order to make a cup of coffee.

So for those of you that have not yet had coffee today, I'm filling this blog with pictures of delicious-looking coffee - I'm now on my second cup, and have eaten yummy homemade breakfast :-D

♥ The Norwegian Teenager



07.01.2011 kl.13:29

Oh thanks, now I need to make myself a third cup... And my first two were pretty large, there's amazing how much coffee you can fit in one of those Bodum travelling mugs. And it stays warm.

Your blog looks interesting, I think I'll keep an eye on it. And for all I know, I might know you. Hell, you could even be my sister, and I wouldn't know. Which is a scary thought, lets not go there, shall we?

a teenager with thoughts

07.01.2011 kl.14:58

Jasnette: Hahaha!! :D You are SO welcome! I know, I have one of those Bodum mugs too, they are Awesome! :D I love how they don't leak also, makes it much easier when I'm in a hurry, won't have to worry about spilling coffee on myself and walk around with stains all day!

Thanks! :D Makes my day when someone decides to read my blog :D Hah scary not knowing who I am, is it? :b


08.01.2011 kl.15:55

Yeah, but I've figured you have to be maybe a year older than my sister... She's turning 18 this year.

So, is there some secret way for me to subscribe to your blog that I haven't figured out yet? Or do I have to check in on it every day? It would be so much easier if I got a mail about it, but I never figured that out on blogg.no, which is why I prefer wordpress.com

a teenager with thoughts

09.01.2011 kl.00:08

Jasnette: Haha no I am not your sister (:

Hmm.. I read this comment earlier but I had visitors so I didn't comment back, plus I wanted to find out if there actually Is a way to subscribe to my blog... I talked it over with a friend of mine, and he said (in computer-language that I don't understand) something about RSS but he wasn't sure if it was possible for Blogg.no, but he's gonna check it out... I'll let you know if we find a way though! :D

It's superawesome that I have readers, yay ^^,


10.01.2011 kl.15:22

Yeah, I've tried that rss thing, something about living bookmarks I think. I never really got it to work.

That's what I love about Wordpress, there's a blank where you type in your email, then hit the 'subscribe' button, and voila! You get an email every time there's a new post

a teenager with thoughts

11.01.2011 kl.10:07

Jasnette: In that way, Wordpress sounds sooo much easier! Guess you just gotta add me to favorites and check in every now and then and help bring my statistics up, then ;) ^^,

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a teenager with thoughts

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