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Hii!! I haven't been blogging the past couple of days, simply because I've been busy. Friday morning was my last entry, I worked till 11.30 Friday night, got home around midnight, and decided to clean my room. Yesterday morning I was vaccuum cleaning - my carpet never wants to come clean, and it annoys me! Then I was working on the assignment I've been working on since October, and had a friend over who read through it and corrected all my grammar mistakes and typos - good thing, I might pass now! Haha. Anyways. Today I've been putting on all of the sources, and am finally done *proud of myself.*

It's 15 pages long - front page, prologue, table of contents, the assignment itself which is nine pages long plus two pictures, epilogue, and two pages of sources. Can't describe how relieved I am to be done with this - especially since it's due tomorrow!

This blog doesn't really have a point, I just felt like writing something. Anyways... I guess, since I'm done with this project, it's time to move on to the next? Or at least, that's what my teachers will say. On Monday I have a media test, about "digital medias," but it's an open book, open notes, open computer test. Everything but communication, that is. Does this mean I can google the answers? xD Wednesday I was supposed to have another test, but the teacher postponed it a week, to everyones relief!

We're starting a project in English soon, too. I guess we're reading a book first though, something about Northern Ireland. I don't remember the name. Then we're beginning a project like this one that I just finished, only I'll just have to read one book. I know which one I want to read also, it's called "Hotel on the Corner of Bitter and Sweet" - it gives me an excuse to read the book, too! :D I only have it in Norwegian though, so I'm hoping my teacher has it in English. She's gonna check, anyways.

History... Ugh I can't stand that teacher anymore! He was alright, but now he's just boring and strict and...dry, if you know what I mean... He makes his tests in a way that makes it very much up to him what grade we get. I mean, OK that we have to show that there's some process of thought in our work, but I liked it better in America - where we had scantron tests on which we marked the right answer, and then an essay afterwards or due the next day or something like that. It makes it less up to the teacher to determine how "good" we are, while at the same time he gets some power since he created the questions and decided what we had to write the essay about AND told us how long it had to be - normally three-four paragraphs.

The above, I wrote yesterday afternoon. It's Monday morning now and I'm in media class. My teacher just cracked me up by saying, "Radio is audio, whereas TV kind of has a visual side." LMAO.

One of the guys behind me is making up his own lyrics to already existing melodies - but he's failing miserably. I'm not even gonna say what's tempting to do. And yes, I do have a temper, I just manage to control it most of the time.

I guess this blog entry is long enough now. I'mma try to find some pics, maybe a video. Oooh I know what song to add here! ^^,

The Norwegian Teenager



10.01.2011 kl.15:18

I've got 'Hotellet p hjrnet av bitter og st' too. I'm planning on reading it after I've read 'Saras nkkel'.

That book you're reading about Northern Ireland isn't named 'Lies of Silence', is it? We read that our second year, and 'Lord of the Flies' our last year. Lies of Silence is much better though, not so morbid as Lord of the Flies.

I'm actually going to Northern Ireland in April, I'll be a substitute in a Primary School for two weeks. 'Utenlands praksis' So I'm reading up on the Troubles again. Is your English Teacher Kari S? If so, you're lucky, she's the best teacher I've ever had, including the ones I have now who's got a Master in 'Pedagogikk'

But if your History teacher is D. Aune, I pity you. Oh how I pity you!

a teenager with thoughts

11.01.2011 kl.10:16

Jasnette: I've heard it's a good book, and I wanna read it ^^,

Yeahhh that's the name of it! Thanks! ;D Is it good?

That's awesome, I wanna go there sometime! Kari S is my teacher, that's right. She's cool, but I wish she'd let me talk more in class :b One of the best teachers I've ever had was in middle school, as a matter of fact! And he didn't even have a teacher's education, only the military and "pedagogikk" :D

D. Aune isn't teaching here anymore, which can only be good - he was my mom's teacher ;o Well, so was Kari, but still xD Half of the teachers here are ancient! O.o


11.01.2011 kl.14:49

Kari still greets me on the boat, and asks how I'm doing and what I'm up to. And you can tell that she's really interested in how I am, because next time I see her, she'll ask how my courses are. She even remembers what I'm studying.

That teacher you had in middle school, he didn't happen to be names Stein Atle, was he? I had a teacher named that in 7th grade, he had ped and the military. He was awesome, he used to play with us on this hill of stow, him against every kid who wanted to play. Poor guy, we were hanging on his arms and legs, trying to over power him and push him off the hill.

Lies of Silence was okay. Not the best book I've read, but far from the worst. I had no problem getting through it, and the questions we were given to answer was a good help to sum up each chapter.

a teenager with thoughts

14.01.2011 kl.10:16

Jasnette: Wow. Some teachers really care about students after they've graduated, she's a living proof of that alright!

No, we just called him BK. Your teacher sounds Awesome too though! Hahaha I wish I could've seen that!

Cool, I'm looking forward to reading it. Maybe I'll actually learn something from this book, unlike with some other books teachers have made us read throughout the years...

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