I'm Bored, So Let's Blog!

The weather is cold and rainy and yucky, and you can see the polluted snow everywhere. It's ugly. I want spriiiiiiiiiing!!! I am freeeeezing and wearing so many layers that I've lost count!

I'm planning this summer with a friend of mine, I'm going to visit her, and I really can't wait! =D We haven't seen each other since June, and I'm spening a couple weeks at her place in July/August, and we'll go shopping and sight-seeing and hang out and catch up and I'll meet friends of hers, it'll be amazing!

I have a test on WW2 in History on Wednesday, and wrote a sticky note to myself to remember to wear a hoodie to school that day so thatI can listen to music without the teacher seeing it. I hate hearing people write and cough and move, it makes me unfocused, and I really think I need my focus on this test. It's anopen-book test, so I won't get any direct fact questions, it'll all be opinions and seeing/making connections and analysis etc etc, which is not necessarily a good thing.. Last night, I was labelling the book so that I'll find the different things easier, and now I'm trying to "read between the lines" and make something out of something that's not there. Wanna trade places, anyone? ..... Didn't think so, either.

I'm bored and unfocused; forget trying to multi-task to get things done, I can't even focus on one thing at a time! This really ain't good...... =/

I just found out my grades from 1st semester, they look something like this:

Behavior: G (for "good" which is what everyone with normal behavior gets)
Order: G (yah, we do get grades for these two!)
History: 5
P.E.: 4
Media & Information: 5
Norwegian, oral: 5
Norwegian, written: 5
Norwegian, 2nd writing system (yes, we have two of them!): 4
Religion & Ethics: 5
English, oral: 5
English, written: 5
Social Knowledge: 5

Overall GPA: 4,8 out of 6 (which is really good, considering it's me, senior year, and it took me more than half of the semester to get used to the school system in Norway again!)

Goals for 2nd and final semester: to get my 4 in Norwegian up to a 5, and hopefully the oral 5 in Norwegian up to a 6 - which would require me paying more attention to what we're doing in class. 6 in oral English, and hopefully the written one too, but that might be hard to achieve. I'd like 6s in History, Social Knowledge, Media, and Religion, too, but I guess I'll just do my best to get there!

What do I need grades for? They're not required to get into the community colleges I'm applying to. But then again, I'm going to community college because I have no clue what to do with my life, and hoping to figure it out while I'm there, so that I can goa university and get a degree in something-or-other, and I would need those grades to get in there, that's why they are so important to me. And considering I haven't worked my ass off to get these grades, there might still be hope for me to improve them *crossing fingers.*

Well, I'd better get back to my books. I have some homework about Northern Ireland to do as well, and a book in ancient Norwegian to read, so there's plenty to do this Sunday afternoon.

I realize this blog entry is pointless. It's more or less written to do something else for a few minutes. I'll try to come up with something interesting to blog about next time, alrightey!

Here's a song (=

♥ The Norwegian Teenager

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a teenager with thoughts

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