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Anyone ever seen this picture before?

Well, the "actual" one is moving, and it asks if we think the ballerina is moving left or right. Some say lelft, some say right, and it's supposed to define whether you are left-brained or right-brained.

Well, I happen to be a dancer myself. I know how to do a pirouette. And anyone can see what foot the girl is standing and which she's lifting, right? The left leg is on the ground, the right one is in the air, true?

Well (for the third time in a row haha), a pirouette is always turning "backwards" so to say; you turn towards the leg you're lifting. When knowing this, the ballerina naturally moves to the left.

If her legs were the opposite, left on the ground and right lifted, like in this picture here, will see she's moving to the right, am I right?

So you see, it has nothing to do with your brain being left-oriented or right-oriented. Your knowledge determines what you see.

The question I have yet to figure out is, what when you don't know anything about pirouettes, when you have no background knowledge, how does that affect what you see?

For years, I've had this problem when in a car, especially when it's cold outside, that the window on the side where I'm sitting becomes steamy, and the others not. I have never been able to understand why that happens.

Yesterday, I got the answer. Whether he was being serious or not when he told me I have no idea, but it sounds fairly logical to me.

I breathe fast. The guy who told me why this happens to my windows have commented on it before, when I said he breathes slow. Evidently, I don't breathe with all of my lungs. I believe that's my asthma. That's another story though.

But back to the hypothesis, or theory, or whatever you wish to call it: I breathe faster than the average person, so I release more H2O, and since my breath is hot compared to the cold air outside the car, my window becomes steamy.

What do you think, does it sound right to you?

They tell me I'm weird for being a vegetarian, that humans are meat eaters. Well, maybe so. Humans are meat eaters. But humans also follow instincts way less than other animals, we can make decisions in a different way than other animals. Therefore I have chosen to be the vegetable-eater-human. So there. Discussion finished ;)

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