What Not To Ask Me

I am tired of people questioning why I am the way I am.

"Why are you afraid of any game involving a ball, when you say you'd jump out of an airplane in a parachute or off a bridge with a strap around your waist or off a mountain pretending to be a bird, any given day?"

"If you don't want to eat unhealthy food because you are afraid of gaining weight, why don't you just not eat it?"

Well there's a simple answer to the first one, let me tell ya: you don't choose your fears and phobias or what you think is fun or what gives you an adrenaline kick either, so leave mine alone.

The second one is a bit more complicated than that. My strength of will is not as strong always.

"How can you not eat meat and have no issues with that, but have problems with for instance cookies?"

Well that's different. I don't want to eat meat. No one can make me do something I do not at all wish to do. Therefore I have no problems saying no to food containing meat. With sweets for instance, i do want to eat it. It tastes good and is comforting. Sometimes I can say no because I know I'll get hyper etc etc, sometimes it ain't that easy. It's merely a psychological issue. That clearly needs to be worked on.

Anyone want to help me strengthening my strength of will? Please and thank you ;-)

♥ The Norwegian Teenager

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a teenager with thoughts

a teenager with thoughts

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