Talk About Tests

I don't like tests in school. Oh who am I kidding, who the hell does?

I don't like needing to write tests by hand, because I have to think so much before I write. Fair enough, we get to write with pencils, but I still can't go back and edit the same way - I can't add or remove paragraphs "just like that."

I hate when I get back a test that I feel I did OK on - OK, but it would've been better had I been able to write on my computer so I could go back and edit - and finding ten thousand comments saying that, "you get lost in details here" or "you need to write more about this" or "you need to use terminologies" → if you want to control what I write, why don't you just write so on the question sheet? How hard can it be to write "use the correct terminologies" or "write in detail ..." or "briefly mention ..." somewhere in the questions?

Just me venting. I'll stop now.

♥ The Norwegian Teenager

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a teenager with thoughts

a teenager with thoughts

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