All Day Writing Test - Woo Hoo!

0900 hours
I'm sitting at school, the test is about to begin, the teachers are handing out paper. He just said that "electronic help device are not allowed, including cell phones and thingies in your ears" - yes, he said that. F*ck that sh*t, I'm still gonna listen to music, there is no way I can work with all these people around scratchng and coughing and typing and moving and whatnot. Besides, on the first page of the test, it says, "All helping device allowed, except cell phones, the Internet, and other forms of communication."

I'm prepared with coffee, water, Norwegian books from all three years, two dictionaries, food and fruit for energy, dark chocolate for comfort when that'll be needed. Crossing fingers that this will work out somewhat all right. New policy for me: Read through before turn in!

Alright, I'd better get started. First thing first, read the assignment. I'll be back.

0908 hours
WTF? I just read the 5 different tasks we can choose from - it's all freaking interpretation!!!

0950 hours
I have now read all the enclosures to the assignments, hoping it would help me decide which one of these horrible assignments I should write. Naturally, I ended up with the first one -.-' So now I'm about to sit down and write X many words in a Norwegian style I barely even know, interpreting a short story about a Norwegian dude at a hotel in Denver who ate breakfast with a Japanese and then a bit later a Japanese jumped from the 21st floor - the Norwegian suspects it was the one he ate breakfast with, but he never found out.

I looked through all three books, hoping to find somehting that'll help me - how the heck do we interpret short stories, again?


Oh, and the best part: My current title is, "Here there is supposed to be a title I have not yet come up with!!!"

1020 hours
Gosh, I love writing, but daaang it's annoying when you have to look up how to spell every third word you try to write!

So far, I have 140 words - that's including the headline I don't have and which assignment I chose. So, not counting those, I have 111. Yeah no, not good, considering we're already 1.5 hours into the test.

1043 hours
Wooohooo, I havea whole paragraph more now! Although, that's just a summary of what happens in the short story. That's supposed to be there, right? I have no idea anymore. Anyhoo, I have 316 words now. "I'm on the right track, baby!" Haha! 3 hours to go. Some have already finished and left. Sheesh! ;o

1106 hours
At 501 words, I am kind of stuck. I have written about how I think the story is a symbol of the society, like, it shows how we are affected by the welfare society and so on, how we are selfish and whatnot. I even linked it to a story we read earlier, an alliteration about the same that I just wrote.

Now how do I want to continue... I gotta get some characteristics of the main character, the I of the story, in here somewhere... When only I can figure out how he is. Well, I'm struggling with getting the words out of my head, that is.

The caffeine is affecting me, I am typing more rapidly now than I did at the beginning. That can only be good, right?

My goodness, so many people are already done, how is it possible? Did they give up, did they just turn in sucky assignments, or are they all just brilliant? I don't know.. I'm nowhere near being halfway done, even. Wondering how I'll get home today...

I'm getting hungry, too... About time to eat something, soon? I have to go to the restroom, but gotta wait 'till the girl that just went gets back. One-at-a-time rule. Yuck.

These teachers wandering around makes me nervous. I'm afraid they'll see my headset. I'm breaking rules, I'm baaaad :b

*Need to get back to writing*

1211 hours
1205 words, and I'm closing in on the end. There are only 14 people here now, counting me. Plus two teachers. A couple are about to leave. I'm wondering how much closer I can proof read, I've already corrected what I think is wrong, but I might even be wrong about that. Oh well. It is what it is.

I'm still hungry. Didn't eat. I'll do that when I leave. Still have to go to the bathroom, too. Guess I shouldn't be drinking more water, but I still do.

Omg, I just saw one of the "guards" talk to the other and point in my direction. I'm the only one sitting here. I'm scared. I unplugged my iPod, but I don't know what's going on. Better not take any chances. And better finish this thing sooner rather than later. I wanna get outta here. This room is making me nervous. And I don't like that my teacher is not here. She likes me. She would even let us listen to music. But no, of course these are not going to.

1220 hours
Oh God, yes, new "guards"! The two men that were here are gone, and there is a woman here that is not entirely bad. At least I know who she is. She's one of the teachers also. I'm not gonna write anything else now. I was about to turn it in when I saw her arriving, but chose to wait. I'm turning in my paper now.

I am now deeeeesperately waiting for an e-mail or SOMETHING from the community college that I wanna go to, to find out if I got in.

I HAVE TO GET IN !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hahaha totally random, but mom at the dinner table today: *I was yawning - just once!* and she said, "That's why you don't have your boyfriend over late at night" xD Ok mom, 1) It wasn't that late, he left shortly after 10pm, and 2) I've been sitting still for hours today, writing a test, and now I have to sit still some more and read and write even more. That's why I yawn. It's Bo-Ring!

♥The Norwegian Teenager

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