Summary Of My Week

This week hasn't been half bad for me (=

Although, my arm was hurting all Tuesday and Wednesday from playing Wii with my boyfriend on Monday! Haha. I was gonna beat him on Frisbee Golf simply because it's the funnest game on the Wii Sports whatever-it's-called. He won with two teeny tiny points though. Not happy about that. Haha ^^, He also won the rowing thingy, but that came's a bitch to begin with! I won 2/3 ping pong matches, and owned him at fetching!! Haha =D

Tuesday, February 1st. All day test in Norwegian. It completely sucked. I don't wanna think about it. I was going out of my freaking mind all day, waiting to hear from any schools that I'd gotten in. Didn't hear a thing.

I miss having scantron tests like this, where the options are right there in front of me and it's a 20% chance of guessing right if I have no clue what the right answer is...

A wonderful Wednesday: I got e-mails from two of the schools I had applied for, that they were full and I was on the waiting list. It was two of the ones I applied for Tuesday night, in a moment where I was freaking out because I hadn't heard anything from the one school I'd applied to.But then I got another e-mail, from the one school where I applied weeks ago - I got in!!!

Thursday we were out of town, on an "education fair." I didn't learn much. I spent the day collecting pens. Haha. When I got home, there was mail for me. A package from a friend in America, with a note on it saying that I can't open it 'till February 14th! This waiting and staring at it is going to kill me! My curiosity is going to kill me. I'm surprised it hasn't already. Also, I got paper mail from the school I'd gotten into, jsut the same thing as they e-mailed me, plus a post card with a flight photo of the school. Iiiii waaaaaanna gooooo theeeeeere!!! I can go there. I will go there!

Children of Earth, Children of Sun, Children of Wind...

I got accepted to another school, also. Down south. The other one is up north, by the way. It's a good school, almost 20,000 cheaper, but the pros are in majority at the other one. So I'm pretty certain I don't want to go to this one. It also doesn't seem so... far away, so to say, considering it's in the area where my dad grew up and I've spent more holidays there the past 18 years than I can count. I'm an adventurous person, I want something new and exciting, different, and I've always had a thing for the northern parts of Norway. You can see the Northern Light almost every night, if you're lucky. It's so magical, like the stars and the planets, like a mystery. I know what it's caused by, but I'd rather not; I don't want to remember equations and formulas when looking at it. I haven't seen it in years...

Friday... Ah, weekend... What do do, what to watch, how to get the heck warm??? I ended up watching Grey's Anatomy. My friend gave me season one on dvd for Christmas. I'm watching it now, too. I love Grey's Anatomy.

I'm also beign spammed with texts from my Swiss gay best friend. Haha! And last night it was my drunk boyfriend texting me. I feel extremely popular xD

Waiting for tomorrow to get here....

I wanna work out.... Why is it always freaking snowing or raining when I wanna go out jogging?! D= I wanna work out. Get completely exhausted. Feel my muscles ache and my lungs burn. I wanna feel the pain of forcing my body past its limits. "Why do I keep hitting myself with a hammer? Because it feels so good when I stop." ~ Meredith Grey.

♥ The Norwegian Teenager

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a teenager with thoughts

a teenager with thoughts

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