A Message To The Men

OK, Bruno Mars, we get it: you'd catch a grenade and jump in front of a train for a girl [Side note: have you ever thought about that, if you jump in front of a train while holding the grenade you just caught, you'd kill hundreds of people?]. You'd sacrifice yourself for her, that's what you mean, right? You don't mean you'd kill yourself for her, do you?Because girls don't want that.

I know I don't. I want a man that would live for me. Not a man that would die and leave me alone.

And I'm sure the dads of the world would appreciate that a lot more, too. I know mine would.

Just something for you to think about.

♥ The Norwegian Teenager



06.02.2011 kl.13:21

sv: jeg er veldig enig, og personlig ville ikke jeg ha med bildet. Men modellen ville ha med akkurat det bilde. Og hvis du hadde lest de to siste linjene ville du ogs ha sett at det ikke er meg p bildene, men ei annen! ;) men takk.

suleiman ndungu

18.12.2011 kl.12:52

it aint gonna happen because loneliness is not an option.stay put and stabalise your relationship so that when the storm comes you are able to hold it back.i think you are heaven sent because you always right the inner crystal clear truth of some phrases which have earlier been misinterpreted.thank you for your kiss of truth,to me and the rest.

suleiman ndungu

18.12.2011 kl.13:00

i just love the way you interprate phrases that have earlier been misinterprated.loneliness is not an option in life but you have to stabilise your relationship so that when the storm comes you can hold it back.you must be heaven sent because you kiss the truth in so many peoples minds.i love this mind opening kisses,do it again!


18.12.2011 kl.13:47

Ok.i wrote twice the same thing.i just write but i think it aint enough.big up

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