Monday, O'Hey! PS: YOU LOSE!

Started the day by watching Monty Pyton's Life of Brian, as you can tell from the previous entry of mine, in media class. Now I'm in Norwegian - bleh. We were watching a movie with some ugly music (Hunger by Knut Hamsun) - really, it's hideous, makes me really uncomfortable to just hear it.

My internet is slow. My cell phone reception is bad because of something about the company building something in order to improve or something, I don't know. My teacher has a horrible voice, and the guy whose blog entry I commented on correcting allll of his spelling errors deleted it! xD

The only thing I like about the teacher I have now, is that she doesn't care. We don't pay attention in class, she doesn't care. I've been to the bathroom three times, went to see the nurse, although she wasn't there, and went to the cafeteria, she didn't care. I eat in class, and we're not allowed to, but she doesn't care. Pretty sweeeet! ^^,

Change of classes: sociology now. O'hey! Preparing oral presentations. A lot of debating. Booyah. I just posted something on my Facebook about having two different writing systems in Norway. I had to write it in Norwegian, that's why I posted it there.

I'm sitting here looking at a pretty interesting picture. It says, "Dare to paint your life - through the colors of love, friendship, nature, and culture.Make thinkgs happen! Where we live makes us who we are." It's true...

An interesting philosophy I was told by a girl in my class today: "As long as I'm not last, I'm not late." What do you think?(We were both a little late to class, she was walking right in front of me. Haha.)

Changing the topic of this blog entry: THE GAME. YOU JUST LOST.

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30.12.2011 kl.23:55

I have been playing without knowing.

a teenager with thoughts

31.12.2011 kl.01:22

suleiman: Actually... The Game ended in 2010 with very few people being aware of it... Sadness!

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a teenager with thoughts

a teenager with thoughts

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