Your Love Is Not My Drug

Since this morning, this one song has been spinning around in my head. So I figured if I write about it, maybe it'll go away. It's worth a shot, anyways.

The song is Nicotine bya band called Saving Jane. It begins like this: "You never really needed me the way you need your nicotine," continues with "I was just a sugar rush," and "those highs they never last."Later in the song,they say, "Do you want me like nicotine?"

Nicotine is a drug. A legal drug, but still a drug. Which brings me to the Ke$ha song Your Love is My Drug. Alcohol is another drug. I'm thinking about songs like Jason Derlo's Love Hangover, and the Boys Like Girls song, Love drunk.

And I've reached the conclusion that I don't want to be someone's drug. Drugs do bad things to people. I'm saying this as a coffee addict; the world's most commond and most legal drug. I don't want someone to be addicted to me. I just want someone to love me. In a healthy way, with good night texts saying "Since I can't kiss you because I'm not there, pretend I just did" and "I'll be dreaming about you tonight, Sweetie" and so on.

I don't want someone to need me so desperately that their life goes to hell if they don't get to see me for a couple of days. The wait should just make them appreciate the time they get to spend with me even more, and vice versa, of course. And shouldn't seeing the person make it worth the time spent apart?

Therefore, I hate it when girls (especially), and particularly young teenage girls, complain about not having seen their boyfriend the entire day. That ain't a bad thing, okay! You'd rather have a relationship with someone who's able to live a life of their own, rather than having a clingy, stalker-ish boyfriend or girlfriend, am I right? Spending time apart is healthy for the relationship as well, there's no denying that.

Also, don't brag about it if your boy-/girlfriend travelled five minutes to spend the entire day with you. I don't wanna hear about that. Sure, it's great that you spent the whole day together, but don't use that to explain your love for each other. Five minutes is just down the street, darling. It doesn't necessary mean it's true love. Let me know when you meet the person that will travel all day to spend five minutes with you instead. Now that says something.

I feel like I sound like an old woman who's spent her life alone on military posts while her husband's been deployed now, I realize that. Maybe that was me in an earlier life. Haha. Or the result of being a military kid myself. Or it could just be me watching Army Wives, and read posts on Status Shuffle on Facebook about military life, or reading Dear John. What do I know? ^^,

My pooint being, you don't have to spend every moment of every day together to love each other, and spending every moment of every day together doesn't necessary mean it's love, alright. And don't get me wrong, I'm not saying that spending much time together isn't love, or anything like that (a hard-to-explain kind of sentence, I know, but I tried. Hopefully you'll understand.), because every relationship is unique. But people really overuse the "I love you"-phrase these days.

I'm quoting Snow Patrol and saying:

I don't quite know
How to say
How I feel.
Those three words
Are said too much,
They're not enough...

The Norwegian Teenager



10.02.2011 kl.17:26

fin blogg!

Malene Hie

10.02.2011 kl.20:12

Fint skrevet :)

Sv; Da fikk jeg enda et tips :)

a teenager with thoughts

11.02.2011 kl.09:44

maren: Takk ^^,

Ida Marie

11.02.2011 kl.11:55

"I don't want someone to need me so desperately that their life goes to hell if they don't get to see me for a couple of days."

Helt enig. S klart lengter man etter se den personen man er glad i, men det finnes grenser for hvor avhengig man skal gjre seg av den ene personen. Det kommer en tid hvor man innser at man trenger flere som bryr seg ogs, og da er det kjedelig finne ut at man har skjvet bort alle tidligere - kun for prioritere den ene personen.

Samtidig er det ikke sunt for noen vre s avhengig av en person - uansett hvilken person det er. Det er som du sier - dop er ikke bra for noen. Der og da er det kanskje bra, men det kommer en tid etterp ogs - bivirkningene. To personer m tle vre litt fra hverandre - ellers er det virkelig ikke et sunt forhold.

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