Gaga Release And Weekend Plans

Today is the Gaga Born This Way release date! I'm so excited! On GagaDaily on Facebook I saw that it'll be released at 9am EST - 3pm here in Norway. Therefore I didn't think I would be able to hear it till this afternoon - until my friend told me on our way to school that it's on Perez Hilton's website! O.o

At school, I went straight to the website to check out the song - but this stupid school computer won't let me listen to it!Anyways, you can listen to the song here and let me know what you think! I'll blog more about it when I've actually heard the song myself. Further more, click here for the lyrics that I posted last week or whenever it was. (=

I'm at school now and it's boring. The teacher is talking about the development of the Norwegian language. My goodness. After this I have history, and I guess we're supposed to go over the entire chapter since it's the last hour we'll have before the test next Friday. Then I'm done for the weekend, with school anyways.

After four hours of school, I'm off to work for 7,5 hours. And since my grandparents are going away this weekend, I'll get to go home and sleep. Tomorrow I'm working for 8,5 hours, night shift both days. So my weekend will begin Sunday.

Anybody have any plans for this weekend?

♥The Norwegian Teenager

PS: I just learned thatI can run in high heels.

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