The Longest Most Boring Update You Won't Ever Read

Hello, bloggers of the world! First of all, I want to appologize for not updating in forever and a day. I have had a personal situation going on, that I don't want to talk about. Things have been really... Chaotic around me since the middle of February. It's nothing critical, I'm perfectly fine, just a bit of an unexpected, totally-wrong-time something that came up. Anyways, I'm back and ready to blog again!

Let's see... I've been reading Dan Brown's book Digital Fortress in less than two days - he is an amazing writer, I tell ya! I think I wrote something about it when I was reading The Lost Symbol last summer, didn't I? Anyways... It's absolutely to be recommended! Now I'm only missing Deception Point to have read all the books! I'm going to the library to borrow it first chance I get! Hopefully I'll get time to read more in the future, something I've been lacking these past weeks/couple of months.

Did I talk about the books I had to read for school? I did finishLies of Silence. A pretty interesting book. Had a test on it on Wednesday. My head wasn't quite there, and I have a feeling it went horrible. That same day I also had a test about the Cold War in history - yeah no, not good. I never finishedPan by Knut Hamsun, and I have no plans on ever finishing it, either. I'll fail if I must, I just don't have time.

I'm multi-tasking when writing this blog entry, so this might be one of the rare few where I'll add a lot of those lines that I already used twice, and write a lot of random nonsense! =P

I wanted to post pictures of what I'm wearing right now, because the sweatpants and sweatshirt from Russeservice is officially the most comfortable clothes I've ever worn, but I can't find pictures anywhere. I'll see if I'll take time to scan and post later on. I also wanted to show what I'll have to wait 'till May to wear. We'll see what I'll take time to.

I'm currently working on a present for a friend of mine whose birthday was February 22nd but I never got to send him a present, but I won't write what it is in case he decides to read my blog. But I hope he'll like it! =)

In the meantime, let me post a video for you to watch! This is rather funny, I must say!

So there - now you can all solve the Rubik's Cube in two minutes - right! =D

... I realized I never posted any more Gaga for you guys!!! Oh my goodness, I am so sorry!! Here's the original audio soundtrack, and I'll post the music video later in this already long blog entry, alright!

It's very different from her previous hits, example viseAlejandro,Just Dance, and not to mentionPoker Face, but I like it. You can hear her voice much clearer. Some said it sounds a bit like Anastacia. I can't say I've listened much to her music, so I don't really know what she sounds like, but feel free to "leave interesting or creative responses in the comment section below" hahahahaha (That's a Ray William Johnson quote, for those of you that didn't know; check out his YouTube channel here)!!

So for this present I am making for my friend, I am in need of printing some pictures. Unfortunately, they all turn pink. Evidently, there is no blue ink left in the printer. Fortunately for me, we have more blue ink, so my dad is changing it right now. Hopefully this will work...

So I was hoping to get some school work done today, so that when my boyfriend comes over tomorrow we can do something other than my boring homework - watch a season or two of The Big Bang Theory, for instance =P Well, with the rate everything's going today, I don't know how far I'll get on that... Or I'll do incredibly bad work, anyways. Oh well. I have the entire night. I still have *doing a quick math question here* 100-37.5=62.5% left of a veggie pizza in the fridge, plenty of candy to keep me awake, and a fosset of water to help since it will make me have to run to the toilet at all times xD

Alright, been forever since I last wrote something. I'm now done with my friend's birthday present, and will try to do some computer fixing! I also have another blog entry planned, we'll see how well that goes. When I plan an entry, it almost never gets posted, so we'll see how far this one gets... Wish me luck!

Here's the Gaga video I promised you earlier in this blog entry at some point!

... Yeah, I know. I was surprised, too. But it's Gaga, so we really shouldn't be.

One last thing before I end for the night... I just found this Owl City version of Taylor Swift's song Enchanted that I've posted once or twice before (the original)... What do you think? (= Personally, I am absolutely in love with Adam Young's voice!

So with these words.... I think I will say good night! Maybe I'll write that other blog entry I mentioned above on a piece of paper - that's worked a couple of times earlier. We'll see, if I don't get to sleep, maybe I will.

♥ The Norwegian Teenager

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