When School Takes Over, Yeeeaaaahhh!

And just when I thought the hard work of the week was done... We get a whole lot more to do!

There was this history assignment due Monday at midnight that I was working on all weekend. It was about Europe from the time tie Cold War ended and up until today, which I delivered at school that day.

This is SO something I could think of to do!!

I have the same teacher in sociology. He told us first period today that on Monday there will be some 10th graders visiting us, and of course he wants them all to choose his class when they start at our school. So wewere coupled up and given the assignment of summing up each chapter on a couple of minutes each, saying nothing negative of course. Not a big deal, but we still have to stand in front of an audience and talk. Let the confidence work begin!

Over to another class with another teacher: English. We have an assignment due tonight at midnight, a film analysis of Some Mother's Son. It's mostly a copy-paste-give-sources-assignment - the teacher doesn't see the point in wasting time on this but the curriculum says we must so she doesn't care if we copy-paste as long as we give the sources! Of course there are parts of the assignment we have to write - like, "How would you rate this movie ona scale from 1 to 5 and why?" and "How would you interpret [...]".

I thought that after completing these two, I would finally get a break from school for once - but of course that is not how it works. In English class, halfway through out 90 min lesson, the teacher gave us some group work: a presentation due second half of tomorrow's 90 min lesson, 10-15 minutes long. We're four groups, and out topics are Tbe Blue Betets, Gun Control, Death Penalty, and Health Care in the USA. Go figure I'm on the group with the Health Care, which we all consider to be the hardest one since we have to actually understand Obama's health care reform. Help me!

What else... Oh, huge debate in history class (which I am in now) about the next test and moving things around. We have a "test plan" that we get at the beginning of each semester, a plan where the teachers together put on their tests so that they all know when we have tests in what classes so we won't have too many at once, but of course this system does not work at all.And the assignments - however big or small they are - are not on there - and I guarantee that there will be more that we don't already know about!

The upcoming couple of weeks for me look like this (as of right now):
Wednesday March 16th: Film Analysis Due
MondayMarch 21st: Norwegian class, 3 chapters + questions about language development due (this is the one exception the the stuff I wrote about assignments above)
Monday March 21st: Sociology presentation
Friday March 25th: Meet at school wt 10.45 instead of 11.30 because someone (I don't know who) will visit us
Friday March 25th: Media assignment due (instead of the test we were supposed to have this Tuesday but got cancelled because med students were visiting us to talk about just about everything that has to do with sex)
(Friday March 25th: Work at Kiwi 16-23-30)
Wednesday March 30th: Test in sociology chapters 15 and 16
Friday April 1st: History test chapter 10
ThursdayApril 7th: Test in English
Friday April 8th: Test in Religion
Thursday April 14th: Theory test in PE
Friday April 15th: Norwegian All Day Test

Hippie hooray for neverending days!

Ooh, and I found the opposite to my motto of the day earlier this week, I believe it was Monday, which was If it's worth doing, it's worth overdoing... Right? Take a look at this, haha!

In addition to school I am also currently working on writing describtion of my friends that are going in the graduation news paper, since we're all seniors. I have to say I don't quite know what to write, since it's supposed to be funny and true and serious at the same time. A little help, anyone? :b

Aaaaaalso, I have an online class I have yet to take and that must be taken before March 31st - but Iam unable to sign on!=/

And as I often do, I stole the title of this blog entry from a song. Have a listen at something a little more pleasant than all the things I've been writing about - or, if you're like my boyfriend, I guess maybe not, hihi! ^^,

♥ The Norwegian Teenager

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