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Somebody tell me why on earth I am awake before 7 o'clock, completely rested and not at all tired, on a day where I have no classes until 11.30? To top it all off, that's the only class I have today, so I'm done at 13.50! That is very likable ^^,

My guess would be because I went to bed at 9.30, fell asleep at about 10, and had what appears to be a dreamless night. I know that's not true, I know we all dream every night, but I didn't dream anything I remembered even the slightest bit of, so it must not have been something personal or emotional or anything at all worth remembering. It feels kind of good.

"Plenty of times give my daughter chores, since she's done so early," my mother must have thought. Nah, not that bad. I have to vaccuum when I get home, but that's not that big of a job... Although it would go faster if my arms were present today... I just tried lifting myself from this chair I'm sitting in with my arms to shift position, but evidently that's not going to happen. We had to do push ups in PE yesterday. I hate push ups. I have absolutely no upper body strength whatsoever. And I can feel that today.

I really should work on an assingment due next week in media class now. I know I'll be busy with English class next week, because yesterday our teacher informed us that we have a project due next Sunday, it has to be 8-10 pages typed, and cover at least one of the ?s in the curriculum. Yay me...

Alright, I'mma go get some coffee now and see what I can get done. At some point between now and school I'mma have to take a shower and get dressed too, don't think showing up in my pajamas is preferable! x)

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a teenager with thoughts

a teenager with thoughts

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