Practiced Perfection to a Point Beyond Perceptibility.

I have changed.

I have lost control.

I don't know what has happened to me.

I was always the one with the answers.


Practiced perfection to a point beyond perceptibility.

Then something happened.

Something changed me.

I am no longer the perfectionist.

I am no longer perfect.

I have flaws.

I am not a robot.

I miss me.

The me that could be a surgeon.

The me that could be an engineer.

The me that could be anything she made up her mind to be.

Because she had practiced perfection.

I want that me back.

Bring me back to me.

The me without limitations.

But I like this me.

I have feelings.

I am a person.

I no longer know how to not be.

Teach me.

Don't teach me.

Do not be responsible for making me less human.


Do not be responsible for making me less human...

♥ The Norwegian Teenager


Vilde -

19.03.2011 kl.23:22

Kjempefin blogg! :)

Ha en fin kveld\helg videre! ♥

Karoline foto ♥

20.03.2011 kl.13:06

sv: Takk for kommentaren! Synes ikke filmen var s skummel jeg, og den var langt i fra den beste filmen. Var ikke skummel nei, siden det skjedde noe hele tiden, men var ikke helt min type film. Men alle har forskjellige meninger selvflgelig ;) ha en fin sndag!

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a teenager with thoughts

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