The Sky is Crying. The Town is Missing You. Hurry Back.

O'hey, it's Monday!

Today I went to school, and did nothing whatsoever in media class. We were supposed to be working on an assignment due Sunday night, or filming/editing our movie, but we did neither. Just sat on a funny-looking couch, bought some food in the cafeteria... Yeah.

In Norwegian class we... First we went over our homework - which of course I hadn't done half of, even. Then we were supposed to work on some more things, but I decided my in depth study in English is more important so I was reading for that instead.

In sociology we had 9th graders visiting us, so we presented the class and what we do, in pairs or alone we presented each chapter of the book so far. Then the teacher was lecturing for the rest of the period.

My phone decided to go on a strike shortly after school ended, so I was unable to call my dad and ask why he was late. By the time my phone was working again, he had arrived.

We went to the store where I work. Or worked. Or am kinda still working. I don't know. I have one day of work this month. Other than that, negatory. Nothing. Below zero. Nada. And I have a contract on 8 hours a week. Shouldn't I be getting my 8 hours, even though it's only 7 in reality? I know it is hard for me to do any extra work or switch with the other employees because of my school work, but should that keep me from getting my hours? I don't see the logic... But I guess the boss had to hire someone else on a more regular basis and in order to save money cut down on my shifts or something... I don't know. Should I talk to her about this?

Over to more pleasant things: SUMMER!

I just got done talking to my friend in Poland on Skype, I'm visiting her this summer! I'm pretty certain on the date I will leave, and I'll probably stay for at least two weeks, but most likely a few days more because of flights and all. I still need to decide on the return date, because I have to check all the flights when it comes to times and price and whether to fly to this air port or that air port.

I just made me some tea. I like tea. I've entered a tea period of time. Right now it's lemon tea, one of my favorites at the moment!

I should get back to studying. I have a media assignment to finish, history homework left undone, and a major English project to study for. Therefore, I am not going to school tomorrow. But that's kind of shhhh, so don't tell anybody, ok! My media teacher said those five of us that don't have a midterm tomorrow don't have to show and can spend the period on "independent work" - and since that eliminates one of my two classes that day, which just happens to be on either side of the day, I asked my Norwegian teacher if it was ok for me to take a study day to work on this project, and she said it's alright!

So tomorrow I am hanging out with my mom, and studying for a huge English project!

I really should stop blogging now. The more I can get done between the hours of now (17:49) and 19:39, the more it increases my chances of getting to watch a Grey's Anatomy episode tonight! =D

What have you been doing today?

♥ The Norwegian Teenager

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