Another "It's-Friday-so-I'm-Drinking-Coffee-and-Blogging-in-the-Morning" Entry?

I'm sitting here wondering if I should write anotherIt's Friday so I'm Drinking Coffe-kind of blog. I really don't think anybody cares since I really don't think anybody reads my blog entries anyways... Let's just write and see where it goes!

Yesterday I went to see my doctor because my eyes had been hurting so much lately - it started with itching, then the muscles around and behind the eyes started to ache, and the day before yesterday it was absolutely horrible. I went to bed early, and this combined with some other things, made me start crying. My brother heard, told my mother, and my mom came and talked to me and gave me a pain killer that would also reduce inflamation. It helped. Well, after waiting for more than an hour, closing up on an hour and a half, I finally got to see a doctor. Turned out my muscles were tired, exhausted, over-used. How does one over-use their eyes?

I finished my media assignment, woot woot!

I also wrote a letter for my boss, gonna put it in her office when I go in to work this afternoon.

Today we have to meet at school at 10.45 instead of 11.30 as we usually do on Fridays. But we'll get an hour lunch break from 11.30 to 12.30 instead of the 45 minutes that we're supposed to have! I guess it ain't that bad....

Religion and history... Those are my classes today. I have not done my history homework. Supposed to do them now, but as you can tell I'm sitting here, drinking coffee, and blogging. I also need to eat breakfast, make lunch/dinner, put on my makeup and do something-or-other with my hair. It's alright, I have almost two hours to do it!

Ohhh, and yesterday I found this website that delivers colored contacts for those of us that also need sight correction - before, I've only found colored contacts with no correction. I reallllly want to try green eyes - what do you think? I know my boy would really like that - although he thinks my blue eyes are beautiful, green is his favorite color and we've both wanted green eyes!

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a teenager with thoughts

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