Too Late For Coffee Blogging at 11 at Night?

I feel kind of bad for not providing you with a coffee entry this morning! But I'll give you one now, before I go to bed, since a lot of things have happened today, which I'd also like to blog about. (=

After Eight coffee from Choco Boco - only I had the take away version. Delicious!

The reason for the missing entry from this morning is because I had to leave home before 9, to take a bus at 9.05 to school. As usual, I didn't have classes until 11.30, but I had to go to work before school, which is in the same town. I had a meeting with my boss. Did I tell you about the letter I wrote? Well, I won't go in details, but I got hours back! Now I'm working every Saturday from 1pm to 6pm. Unless someone trades me, then I might to a 7-3 shift, or a 3-11.30 one. Or one earlier in the week. I'm really happy to have this settled, I need to save money for next year, when I'll be unable to work.

Right when the meeting was over, my boyfriend texted me: "Hey! Some friends of mine are in the city today, would you like to come with me and meet them?" Now, what kind of question is that? Of course I wantto! The problems arose in my head faster than fire spreads in dry grass:

I have school until 3.30 today. You work until 3.30 every day. The boat we'll have to take leaves at 4. The last one home leaves the city at 8.30. Can I afford the boat? I don't remember last time I checked my spendings account! I have a test today, last period. We get to leave when tests are over - I could catch the bus at 3 instead of 3.30. It's a history test - those are never easily finished. I have religion before history - or are the periods switched today? I can't remember if they've said anything about it!

Solutions began popping into my head instead:

My dad has access to see my accounts - he can solve that problem - text him! I could ask my history teacher if I can begin the test earlier... I don't have to say why I must leave! If he says yes, I can inform my religion teacher of the situation - inform, not ask!

Everything worked out well:

When I (finally!) got a hold of my history teacher, he told me he had to leave, but told me where I could go and take the test. My religion teacher sounded pretty careless when I told him what I was gonna do. Fortunately for me, my dad had to go home at 2 anyways, so he fixed the money for me - transferring from one of my accounts to another one. I caught the 3 o'clock bus home, walked as fast as I could from the bus stop and home. My mom called me on the way (I'd texted her of my plan when it was settled) and said she could drive me down to the docks so I wouldn't have to stress - I was going to take my bike. Waited a few minutes for my boyfriend to show up, we took the boat in to the city, met his friends, had a great time, and went back with the latest boat.

The result of this day:

One very tired but very happy me!

I thought I was gonna watch Grey's Anatomy now... Which my boyfriend's mom told him to tell me when he spoke to her on the phone, is one of several shows we both watch - as do my mother, my American mother, her best friend, my sister-like friend from Poland... I think us women are alike there ^^,

Right now I'm not sure if I will, though. I'm pretty tired. And there, my iPod died. As did my cell phone earlier today. Oh well. I can't be totally lucky all at once - that doesn't happen to me, and I'm surprised I was so lucky today! We'll see, maybe if I go brush my teeth and take out my contacts, I will wake up! You never know ^^,

Did I mention I got a new laptop, by the way? Lenovo G565 15.6" HD. (= So far, I'm happy with it. The only thing I'd like to change, is that I have to cross out Opera (yes, that's the Internet browser I use) and not just minimize it if I shut the lid - it won't work when I restart otherwise.

I'm out of things to blog about now. Or too tired to think. Or whatever. Anything interesting happening wherever in the world you might be? (=

♥ The Norwegian Teenager

PS: New Secondhand Serenade song published online! I was unable to embed it, but the song is called "Our Time" and is really beautiful and you can listen to it by clicking here!

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