I Need of a Cup of Coffee to Make the Cup of Coffee I Need

Yeah, that is how I'm feeling today. Especially when my alarm went off at 7am, especially since I knew I would have to get up and work on my huge English project that's due on Monday night. Furthermore, there's also the religion test about ethics today. And we have to skip lunch and start at 10.45! It's sad that there are so many cheaters that this really is necessary.

What else do I write about in these morning coffee blogs of mine? I don't really know.... I'll just tell you about my week, then!

On Monday, we got back a paper we did due January - I aced it! =D

On Tuesday, I had to get some blood drawn - fantastc, more bruises, just what I needed! Did I mention I have this huge one covering half of my right thigh from when I jumped into the ocean on March 30th?

On Wednesday, we got back a history assignment - I was one of the few that OK+d it! I'm proud of myself this week ^^, We were also assigned a paper in sociology though, due next Friday, but we get all lessons next week to work on it. No biggie. Ohh, and in history, we also have a test verbal exam due next week. Gotta get started on that.. I also had a test this day, in English, I think it went OK, but I'm not sure...

Thursay: last day of ice skating in PE! Kind of sad, I really liked ice skating, and for the first time in my life, a Norwegian PE teacher had something positive to say, almost like a compliment, to me!

Today there's the test and working on the verbal test exam thingy. And I should work on my English project. I'm falling behind. I have less than five pages and it needs to be eight. More than one page a day the rest of the week, then...

Enough coffee talk? I hope so, because I really have things to do...

♥ The Norwegian Teenager

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a teenager with thoughts

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