This Has Taken Me Forever!

New song from the upcoming Secondhand Serenade Acoustic EP - Animal!

The problem was to get the song into an EMBED player so I could post it on my blog. Something made it more difficult here than with the last song (Our Time, click here to listen), and I didn't even do anything there. I did need some help here too, so it's not entirely on me. I did, however, manage to close my Internet browser last night without saving, smart me! So today I try again to get this song onto my blog.

I remember my boyfriend using this website to upload the song from my computer, and after having tried and failed multiple times myself, I finally figured out how he did it. The code is as simple as two lines of coding!

The only thing I need to learn now, is how the heck he got the song from the website Secondhand Serenade posted it on and onto my computer...

Anyways, here is the song, I hope you enjoy!

♥ The Norwegian Teenager

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a teenager with thoughts

a teenager with thoughts

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