In Conclusion: Moms are Awesome!

Tomorrow is my last day of school before Easter break. And it's an all-day Norwegian test, so it's not even a real day - we start at 9 and are allowed to sit 'til 2, but I'll most likely finish way earlier.

Pleasant surprise today: Packet in the mail! It's a blue and marine teddy fleece hoodie which is realllllly lovely to wear, but maybe a bit big... I ordered a size M, but I'm considering changing it for an S... I'll see what my mother says when she comes home. When I opened the packet, I got another surprise - I got a free flag bag! It's just a flag with the Norwegian flag on it, but it would've been expensive to buy, so it was really nice to get it (=

Picture copied from the website I bought the jacket from, so that's neither me nor my photography work ;)

Flag bag! ^^,

Tomorrow after school, I'll go with my boyfriend to his hometown. I'm really excited about going away, but every time I go somewhere I have the same issue: What the heck am I supposed to pack in? What to take has never been my issue, which I understand it is for many. No, with me, it's what to put my stuffintothat's the problem. The suitcases with wheels are either too tiny or too... Plastic-y. I'm supposed to lift the darn thing onto the shelf above my head in the train too, dammit! Or too big. I don't need my America-suitcases to go away for a week. Our bags are either small - type gym bag size - or ginormous - type military style, size and color. They belong to my dad. Would it be weird if I went on vacation with my boy and we have matching bags? I'mma need to talk to my mom about this, too...

*Cool Transition*

Today, I got to write emails in English class! I will say it's much because I earned it, though... We got back tests today, a 2-hour test we had last week. The teacher had us guess what we got, because evidently the curriculum says we have to. My friend that was sitting next to me was sooo sure she did poorly because she had many pencil corrections, but the teacher said she did 2nd best in the class! Then she turned to me and asked what I thought. I said, hesitantly, that I was hoping one of the two highest grades, and I was right. I got a 6! Then she asked if I would read it for the class. I said I wanted to correct it some first. When later I asked if I could answer an e-mail, she said I could if I read my paper in front of the class! I can't wait to tell my mom when she gets home from work!

 Mothers - What would we do without them?

 ♥ The Norwegian Teenager

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